Producer/Artist Development

As a producer of global music that mixes traditional acoustic sounds with contemporary dance beats and some electronic instrumentation, Keri has worked in professional recording studios in Austin, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Nashville with some of the best musicians in the country. Both as producer of original music and adviser in artist development, Keri's mission in the arts is to assist artists, new bands, writers and singers to develop their own genre of music and to be spiritually satisfied in the entire process.

An innovator in artist development, Keri encourages people to follow their bliss by teaching them the process of self discovery and guiding them to create their original style in music, theater and art.

Teaching voice, acting, and music to aspiring, gifted young artists and seeing them accomplish their artistic endeavors is Keri's biggest reward in life. As an arts enthusiast, her love for the performing arts makes her an ideal choice for artist development, consultation and rehabilitation.