Keri at Bracken, Texas Bat CaveAs an environmentalist, she uses her art to both educate and entertain audiences on the importance of conservation and reverence for nature. She is an active member of the Biscuit Alliance, a group of dedicated environmentalists who are trying to save Southern Oregon's Wilderness. For entertainment at one of the Environmental Rallies during the summer of 2004 in Medford, Oregon, she wrote a ditty of parody rap called The Biscuit Brigade that revealed the truth about the Environmental Impact Statement concerning the Kalimiopsis Wilderness salvage logging scam.

Educational Activist

As an educational activist and advocate for students, Keri has been in the trenches of public education fighting to keep literacy and the arts in education alive. Always working to keep high standards in education, Keri has taken positions in lower socioeconomic areas to raise the bar. As well, she has worked with at risk students, reluctant learners, migrant students and has involved special education students in her productions. Designing lesson plans and teaching the academics through the arts for teachers to use in their classroom, Keri is currently planning an interactive program for learning the language arts on the web.

Political Activist

As a political activist, she writes plays and performs songs that cut to the bone about the condition of our fragile freedom. Her newest song, Backbone, celebrates civil liberties, social justice and explores how we can all work together to keep freedom alive and live in peace. She was first introduced to the idea of the Backbone Campaign at the Eugene County Fair Festival in Oregon. After she saw Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 911, she was inspired to write it in while she was in Selma, Oregon. Keri played acoustic guitar, rhythm electric and ukulele. Co-producer and studio owner, Tim Wallace, played flute, bass, keyboards, and even sang a little backup. Tim was instrumental to helping her fuse a little jazz and reggae into a politically packed message. Freedom should not be an illusion.